Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just some blahgging

It's been a while now since my last post. I've been battling some personal matters here. One thing too is that i'm also trying to distance myself from spending too much time on the internet. Not a healthy habit if i keep on doing that. I'm also feeling a bit of homesickness..poor me. The last couple days here was like a! hot humid hot humid lol. How was the temp in your area?

This morning, i woke up to a bright, not so hot, sunny, cheerful morning. It's so refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating too. You gotta love mid-summer mornings. If only i could coax my husband to get up and come outside to feel the air, but he isn't an early morning person. But i could go out with my dog Jobie, lol he loves it. Actually he loves to be outside all the time except when there's thunder and fireworks though, hehe.

Last week, i got to go and see B.B King live at Pine Knob. He is so old that you'll think it might be your first and last time to see him. He's a legendary blues singer. I was excited 'coz it was my first time to see him. It was jam-packed, everytime you turn your head around it was overcrowded, even the lawn seating area was packed. For short..sold out.

The other day i saw an old guy on a wheelchair with his thumb up and holding a piece of cardboard sign. I didn't get to read the sign. But that poor guy was on the busiest exit ramp, I-75 southbound, on the side of the road where all vehicles speed up to merge, all alone under the scorching heat! What the heck?? Did someone just leave him there intentionally or what?

I'm craving for some pork sinigang. I might cook some tonight to satisfy my craving lol. Few weeks ago i asked my friend Lanie for some cassava recipe and it was a success, really yummy. Aside from cheese for topping, i also prinkled shredded young coconut. Came out good. Oh, before i end this post, do any of you know of someone who knows about vintage or antique ladies watch? Specifically a Swiss Omega. If not, no biggie. Ok you people, enjoy your weekend and stay cool :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can't think a title for this one

I watch King of the Hill (an animated series) every day and every night. It's on FX and Fox2 channels.

I also enjoyed watching the past seasons of Lost (J.J Abrams's creation) and i am waiting for the next season to start, around January '08.

I am currently watching Smallville season 6 but i missed the first starting episodes.

I like the show called Crank Yankers.

I also enjoy the new shows called Singing Bee and Don't forget the Lyrics. My husband said it's so filipino, lol.

I'm hooked to Comcast's On Demand, Starz and HBO. They now have The Filipino Channel but we don't have it. Maybe some other time.

And there are so many more........

Friday, July 6, 2007

My Younger Years

"Don't lie, don't steal and don't cheat!" The very words my Pa would kept on reminding me almost every morning when i was a kid, especially before going to school. As a single parent, he wasn't that strict at all. He was busy with his work of course but he always had time to reprimand me and yeah some hand beatings when things got out of hand, hehe. I was surprised that he never asked me to do any little housework chores. He hired house-helps instead. He also hired ya-ya's to help care for me as he can't do it by himself. Eventually, i learned to do housechores from my ya-ya's. The two first things i've learned was washing dishes and folding clothes :). So, no wonder i'm at expert at folding clothes my hubby says. I also made a cute living out of cleaning my Pa's shoes. He thought it was nice of me to do that and he agreed to give me 25 cents per pair. I made sure that i cleaned them every Saturday even though some of them was still clean and shiny.

My Pa never bought me toys. No barbie's, no such thing like that. But he did gave me balloons and chocolates every Sunday. He also gave me coloring books and fairy tale books too. And with that i was contented. I didn't have the guts to ask for a doll, even though i was aching for one. One time he saw how i really needed some daily companion, he gave me a puppy which i named Jackie. He was my friend and playmate. He was such a cute little dog. But some neighbors of ours didn't like dogs, so they killed him and later on made him into a "pulutan" which i really despised. I never talked to them anymore, not even a smile or a hello. Later on we moved to another house and i made some acquaintances, some lasted and some did not. I remember one time, my friends and i were playing in my Pa's office. We pulled out a checkbook, wrote names and amounts on the checks and tore it. When my Pa arrived, oh he was mad like hell broke loose. He yelled at us, shooed my friends out the door and ordered me to go to my room and stay there until dinner is done. He let me out after an hour i think, thinking i was sorry for what i did. At that time i didn't care, i just wanted to have fun, lol. But everything changed as i grew up.

I think so much of my childhood years right now, how things have changed and moved on so fast. And almost feeling like it was just yesterday. Anyway, enough of this and i better get ready to go up north for the rest of the weekend.

Me and Jackie in our front lawn( yeah no lawn mower) lol.

My very first blog here :)

I'm new to this online blogging world, no experience, but i'm getting the hang of it. A friend of mine, Cleo, showed me her blog a couple times and it made me wanna create one too :) So here's the start of my simple online blog.